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About Us

  • Family owned and operated by Dr. Donald L. Epstein, a leading Pulmonologist in Cleveland, OH.
  • Proudly serving the United Stated since 2008.
  • Member of the U.S. Green Building Council.
  • Authorized technology distributor of RGF Environmental .
  • Offices in Cleveland, OH., Washington, DC. and Chicago, IL.
  • Our Certified Indoor Environmental Consultants are trained professionals dedicated to creating sustainable solutions.
  • We offer superior advanced technologies that assist in creating healthy indoor spaces, with our PHI and REME Technologies.
Products & Services

  • Air Duct Cleaning 
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Air and Surface Purification Systems 
  • Energy Audits  
  • 1-Year Maintenance Agreements 
  • Financing Available; 0.00% 12-month

Indoor Air Quality 

  • According to the EPA, indoor air is 5x more polluted than outdoor air.
  • Most people spend more than 75-90% of time indoors.
  • 50% of buildings have contaminated HVAC systems
  • Contaminated air linked to 94% of respiratory problems.
  • Biodiversity in indoor air continues to decline; resulting in more dangerous pathogens being trapped inside.

Prevent the spread of illness

  • Center for Disease Control's guidelines to help prevent the spread of infections.
    • Contact Precautions
    • Hand Hygiene
    • Environmental Cleaning*
    • Yearly maintenance of HVAC unit (s)
  • *Because our advanced oxidation air purification technology purifies the entire conditioned space, all surfaces are treated to reduce bacteria, viruses, mold, VOCs and particulates while maintaining and creating healthy indoor spaces.

Prove Technology

AMG Green Technologies provides
proven pure air  technologies developed by RGF Environmental..

Advanced Oxidation Technology is used in more in than 1 million instances around the world!

Tested and used by:

  • U.S. Government
    • USDA, FSIS, GSA, & EPA
  • U.S. Military
  • UL, ETL, TUV, EU, & CSA
  • Electric Power Research Institute
  • International Governments
    • European Union, Japan & China

Proven Results

  • Norwalk 99.96% Reduction
  • MRSA 99.96% Reduction
  • Listeria 99.96% Reduction
  • Candida 99.96% Reduction
  • Strep 99.96% Reduction
  • E.coli 99.96% Reduction


  • 99% Bacteria
  • 99% Viruses
  • 97% Mold
  • 85% Gases and Odor
  • 80% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)


  • 98% microbial reduction from a human sneeze test; within 3' was achieved using the PHI Technology
  • 98% microbial reduction from the same test with the REME Technology

Tested and Approved

  • US Military for mold reduction in field hospitals.
  • Chinese Government for SARS.
  • USDA & FDA for use in food processing facilities.

All the above tests were performed on products with Advanced Oxidation Plasma of less than .02 ppm.  They were conducted by independent accredited labs and university studies.  They are funded and conducted by RGF's major clients to assure third party credibility.  RGF products are not medical devices and no medical claims are made.

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